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Why should you get rid of tree stumps?

This is a popular question. Luckily, I have a few reasons.

Tree stumps, in any yard, become an eyesore. I have worked at many beautiful homes, with breath-taking views. Looking out across the Rocky Mountains, on a beautiful, sunny, Colorado day, should allow you the opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest. What is worse than looking out where there used to stand a few hundred lodgepole pines, and seeing the resemblance of a graveyard. Every few feet, there stands another stump. Grinding tree stumps opens your forest floor, allowing our beautiful wild flowers, such as primrose, and columbines, to thrive. Eliminating tree stumps frees up much-needed nutrients, helping the remaining, healthy trees flourish. It allows the recently planted aspen, spruce, fir, or chokecherry trees a fair chance at surviving in our harsh, high altitude climate. You are reclaiming your property, which has been taken over by these “tombstones.”

In a finished, landscaped yard, what’s worse than walking circles around a stump all summer long with your lawnmower. It makes me dizzy! That stump can be taken out, without damaging the rest of your lawn, and replanted with grass, flowers, shrubs, or even a new tree. Our specialized equipment can move through your yard without damaging any of your landscape, or even irrigation.

Bugs are also a concern. Ants, both black and carpenter, spiders, and termites make their living in rotting stumps. As stumps naturally break down over 5-20 years, these bugs will take up “residence.” Once the stump has been robbed of remaining food and nutrients, these bugs need to move on. Over time, they will move into your home. This is easily preventable, by removing the stump before it becomes a problem.

One last concern that I would like to list, is the most obvious; trip hazard. You may not always be walking on parts of your property that are littered with stumps, but what about that one stump. Next to the drive. Next to your woodpile. Next to your hot tub. Next to your entry way. Next to your childs swing set. There are hundreds of places that I am not listing, but think about how it affects you, at your home. For your safety, the safety of your family, friends, and children. The price of removing a stump is much less than an injury to you, or a loved one.

There are many reasons why you should get rid of tree stumps. I am here to help get that nuisance out of your life. I want to help you reclaim your land. Thank you for your time.

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